Sunday, January 6, 2019

Dominican Chimi
Let´s talk about street food, in D.R. we are very serious about our food, that being said,
this hamburger/sandwich hybrid it´s known as ¨chimi¨ and you may ask, what´s so particular about it? and I would tell you, not much, just the heart and soul of the sandwich/burger itself ;) in the streets it´s usually made with the infamous mystery meat, but I´d be lying if I say It is not delicious, it has red plum tomatoes, cabbage, onions, minced beef( my version anyways) mayo, ketchup mixed in a beautiful synchrony with some Worcestershire sauce (again, my version anyways),
and bread, but not just any bread, to us , this is a subject of debate, is it hamburger bun? is it ¨de agua ¨ bread? you my friend, be the judge.

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